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3 secrets on how male pornstars make their penis bigger

Have you ever wondered how male pornstars get so big when it comes to penis size?

Maybe he just shrugged and thought “good genetics” was to blame. But the more you watch adult movies, the more you realize how unlikely it is that many of these men were blessed with superior penis size genetics.

The truth is, there are a few tricks in the trade when it comes to penis enlargement. There are some “secrets” as to why so many of these guys are way above average.

Here are 3 secrets on how male pornstars make their penis bigger:

  1. Behind the scenes. I was aware of some behind-the-scenes footage of male adult film actors in the moments leading up to being in front of the camera. And what I saw was unusual and somewhat shocking in how easy it was to get a bigger penis quickly. First of all, I noticed that many of these guys didn’t seem that “huge” to begin with in the flaccid state (this is the normal, non-erect state of the penis). They seemed quite normal. But then they started to do something. They would grab your penis just before the head (and remember this is off camera, moments before you perform on camera) and start “pulling” on your penis. Basically, they would stretch your penis and hold it for a few seconds, release, and repeat. Each boy seemed to have his own method of how long he pulled or stretched. And some guys would employ a very slow massage pull with each hand, starting at the base and holding it fully extended at the head. But essentially, the results were the same. The boys would appear noticeably bigger just before the camera is turned on. It really was that remarkable. Some guys went from a visibly average size to a seemingly larger than average size. So essentially these guys were just doing repeated jerks or stretches, which lengthened the flaccid penis, making it appear much larger. I’d say this jerking process didn’t really take more than a few minutes, although I’d also say these guys are experienced and have probably narrowed their jerking technique down to a science where they can achieve bigger penis size in no time.
  2. The great visual trick. This is something that many guys may have heard about, but this visual trick really needs to be emphasized. It involves shaving your pubic hair. Tell me the last time you’ve seen a male porn actor with growing pubic hair. Of course you haven’t. Now tell me the last time you’ve seen a male artist with ANY pubic hair. Maybe once in a while, but not very often. This is because they know very well how any amount of pubic hair can visually detract from the oversized appearance. In fact, most male entertainers are so aware of this that they don’t even waste time. They will shave everything. Now actually, this really isn’t necessary. You can visually achieve a larger size simply by trimming your pubic hair, mainly around the base of your penis.
  3. The Jelq exercise. If there is one technique male adult film artists employ to try to increase penis size permanently, it is the jelq exercise. Jelqing, as it is often called, is an exercise that involves repeatedly stroking the penis while it is semi-erect and lubricated. These are slow and controlled strokes, performed by alternating hands, for a certain number of sets and repetitions, generally 4 to 5 times a week. What this does is increase the size in both length and girth. And unlike the pull techniques mentioned earlier, these gains are permanent. The gains are generally most noticeable when fully erect, which of course is perfect for male performers as that is usually the state they are in primarily while in front of the camera. The reason jelqing is so popular over other manual girth or lengthening exercises (like pumps or extensors) is the safety factor. No artist can risk injury or even minor visual damage for which other methods are sometimes known. The jelq exercise only uses the hands and is considered the safest technique available for permanent penis enlargement.

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