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4 tricks to wake up on a winter morning

I’m really not a morning person. Waking up in the summer is not so bad. I like to feel the sun shining through the window and listen to the birds singing sweet songs. However, winter is totally different. I hate waking up when it’s still dark outside, and my blanket is my only protection against the harsh elements in my bedroom. Even if I get out of bed, there is a little voice that whispers to me: “Go back to bed, just 5 more minutes.

Since I’m not independently wealthy, I usually can’t hear that little voice in my head. I have to get up early, even in winter. However, willpower is never enough. I need some tricks to keep me out of bed.

1. radio alarm: my alarm clock is across the room and is set to a news station. I have to get out of bed to turn it off and it usually bothers me enough that I can’t sleep and ignore it.

2. Warm bathrobe and slippers – I put very warm clothes at the foot of the bed. I’ll just give up my blanket for something equally warm.

3. Leg exercises in bed: I do a 5 minute set of leg exercises while still under the covers. They get my circulation going and they really wake me up.

4. I say out loud 3 good things that will happen today. Having something wonderful to wake up to is sometimes the only reason I’ll get up early. I say affirmations and recite goals before taking off the covers.

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