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401 dead in one day: Italy wants to vaccinate 500,000 people a day from mid-April

23,882 new infections and 401 deaths within 24 hours: Italy reacts and wants to accelerate the vaccination.

6.13 p.m., March 20, 2021

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In Italy, the number of coronavirus deaths rose on Saturday compared to the previous day. 401 corona deaths were registered to 15 more than on Friday. There was 23,832 new infections after 25,735 on Friday, shared that Ministry of Health in Rome continue with. Since the beginning of the epidemic, a total of 104,642 people in Italy have died as a result of corona infection, and an infection has been confirmed in 3.26 million people.

The number of patients treated in hospitals recently rose from 26,858 to 27,061. 3,387 people were treated in the intensive care units, 23 more than the day before. 354,480 smears were taken, 6.7 percent of which were positive. 7.6 million doses have been administered since the vaccination campaign began in late December.

The vaccinations with the Astrazeneca-Vakzin had been resumed on Friday. Those who do not want to be vaccinated with the serum do not lose the right to immunization, according to the government in Rome. According to plans by the government, the number of daily administrations should be around Premier Mario Draghi will be gradually doubled to a total of 500,000 by mid-April.

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