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5 decorative benefits of a round rug

A round rug is a versatile and attractive floor covering in the widest variety of colors, patterns and material compositions you can imagine. An area rug is versatile. They can create wonderful focal points with pops of color to be the unifying element to tie the design of a room together.

Rugs can create cozy conversation areas and, by their very nature of being round, create a defined space to gather for intimate conversations. In no time, they are quickly and easily attached to give your home an explosion of color and character.

A round area rug provides comfort, cushioning and warmth on floors with a hard surface finish, such as tile, stone, laminate or wood floors. A beautiful carpet can also be considered a “work of art” for the floor, adding value and artistic merit to the design of the room. And last but not least, they can feel wonderfully textured, comforting, and soft under your bare feet …

5 decorative benefits of round rugs

1) They can creatively compensate for the rectangular and linear nature of doors, walls, floors, and furniture.

two) A round area rug can successfully create and blend a high-end designer look within a room. The circular shape can inspire and echo other elements of circular shapes in the existing room, such as architecture, lighting fixtures, furniture shapes, and room accessories, without looking artificial or exaggerated.

3) A round rug is the perfect solution to visually open up a small room, making small rooms feel bigger. They are especially good for apartment living. The circular nature naturally softens the hard edges of the furniture, creating attractive and defined pools of space.

4) If you are looking to create a rich sense of luxury and character with an emphasis on texture, warmth, and depth, choosing the perfect rug laid over beautiful hardwood floors, textured tile, or laid over wall-to-wall carpeting will create a unique look.

5) Create an intimate conversation area by drawing attention to a particular area of ​​the room, enhancing the focus point and comfort of that area by using a beautiful round rug to create a cozy space …

A few more ideas on using a round area rug …

As you can see, a round area rug opens up numerous possibilities for experimenting with decorating the look of your space. The unique nature of its shape creates a feeling of symmetry and balance by unifying its surroundings. And of course many people ask “how do I know which rug to choose?”

Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect round area rug for your space.

If you want to create a focal point in a room, choose a rug with a center medallion or a design element. If there is already an obvious central focal point, such as a fireplace, it is best to use a rug with a more repetitive and not-so-obvious pattern.

If you already have busy pattern upholstery on your furniture, or ornate wallwaper, it’s best to choose a more subtle carpet pattern so they don’t compete.

On the other hand, if the upholstery and walls are relatively plain and understated, you have the perfect opportunity to try a colorful rug with a dramatic design and pattern to create interest in a focal point of the room.

Bold patterns like abstract designs, lots of colors, large flowers on a small rug all serve to make a room appear larger.

If you are coordinating your new carpet with items you already own, Remedies take samples of upholstery fabric, wallpaper, and paint chips when you go shopping, as it is very difficult to try to visualize what your room looks like … take the rug home to test it out.

Final thoughts on choosing a round rug …

I wish you all the best in choosing the right round area rug, as it can be a wonderful addition to the home, providing many years of pleasure and usefulness. Take your time deciding on the size, color, texture emphasis, and also the materials the rug is made from. Does the carpet need to be easy to care for, is it in a high traffic area, are allergies a problem …? These are just a few tips to keep in mind on your mission. Choose wisely and you will be well rewarded.

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