6 Ways to Eliminate Bad Reviews About Your Business
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6 Ways to Eliminate Bad Reviews About Your Business

No matter how good your company is, customers and other competitors will always write something negative about your company on a website, even if you tried to please them. This article will suggest steps that will help protect your company’s reputation.

What should you do if these destructive web pages appear on the first page of Google results for your business name? Here are the 6 basic instructions that you can implement to eliminate them.

1. Fix the root of the problem If people write negative reviews about your company, you should know that they have seen a flaw in the services or products that you provide. The first thing you need to do is fix the issue that caused the negative review.

2. Ask for clarification Send the webmaster of the webpage with the negative review a polite email and ask them what led them to say those things and if they would be willing to remove those negative comments, or provide an update on how they fixed the problem so you can restore your image. business.

3. Give Websites a Boost with Positive Reviews If the webmaster does not want to remove the negative review, look for websites that contain positive comments about their site. Link these pages to your own website to increase the link popularity of these pages. The more links the pages with the positive reviews have, the higher they will rank in the search results.

4. Ask for testimonials from satisfied customers If you get positive feedback from customers, ask them to write a review on ConsumerReview.com, Epinions.com, or similar sites so you can post your company’s or site’s good credentials.

5. Add your website to company wiki pages Websites like AboutUs.org allow you to create an article about your business, and if your business is important enough, you can even create a Wikipedia entry.

6. Make sure your own website tops the search results If your own website comes first for your business name, most people will click on your link and look no further.

Removing negative comments from search engine results can take some time.

It is best to avoid negative experiences by providing high quality products and good customer service.

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