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9 Best Street Fighting Defense Moves

When it comes to street fighting, your best defense is a good offense. Studies show that the first person to hit is more likely to win the fight.

This does not mean that if you get mugged or caught off guard, you will lose. What it does mean is that you need to take aggressive steps to save your skin.

A good block never wins a fight. So here are some quick strategies you can use if you think you’re about to get into a street fight (nobody’s thrown a punch yet), and a few more strategies in case your opponent jumps on you.

How to initiate action when a street fight is imminent:

Of course, the best way to end a street fight is to not get into one. However, we all know that there are certain situations where you simply need to take action. In those cases, your best strategy is to attack first and be as ruthless and fast as you can.

What not to do: Tip #1

Don’t start the fight with a right hand (a wildly swinging right hand punch). Your opponent will see this from a mile away and hit you in the nose with a swift blow before you even know what happened.

What you should do:

Tip #2 is to distract your opponent from your next attack. You can do this by throwing an object (cup, bottle, pocket change, cigarette, glasses, etc.) at your face. The object is not intended to insult you.

Your goal is to get his eyes to follow the object headed for his face (a really strong programmed reaction).

The next step (tip #3) is to attack an open target. These targets include the eyes, nose, groin, ears, or throat.

For example, you can quickly punch him in the eyes and then follow up with a quick kick to the nose.

The secret is that to win a street fight you need to quickly and brutally attack high value targets. Remember that the average street fight lasts only 3-8 seconds. Jumping and throwing punches and hooks like a boxer just won’t work.

The experienced street fighter knows that the goal is to deal massive damage as quickly as possible so that you can escape the situation.

How to go on the offensive in a street fight if jumped or surprised:

There are a few common ways a surprise attack will occur in a street fight. You need to know effective street fighting defense moves for each of these. The first attack is the rear naked choke.

Naked Rear Choke Defense:

This is where your attacker tries to choke you from behind (your neck is in the crook of his elbow and his hand is pinned to his bicep).

The key is not to focus on the choke. Unless you are much stronger than him, you will never be able to break the hold. You can easily flip him by attacking targets to distract him and force him to release his grip on him.

Tip #4: How to escape the rear naked choke. Just take both hands above your head and grab his hair and pull like there’s no tomorrow. This only works if you have hair. If he doesn’t, your next option (tip #5) is to slap and grab his snout, then squeeze and pull.

If the muzzle isn’t available, don’t worry. Tip #6 is to dig your heels into the top of your foot and drive your elbows violently into your ribs. All of these techniques are highly effective street fighting defense moves.

As you can see there are many options. The purpose is not to confuse you. You simply need various options depending on the situation. There is no perfect move for all street fights. However, there are always one or two perfect moves for every situation. The more you know, the better off you will be.

Bear Hug Defense:

The second most common surprise attack in a street fight is a bear hug. This attack removes your ability to use your fists or elbows as tools. Don’t worry, it leaves many highly effective tools at your disposal.

Like the chokehold, the key is not to fight the bear hug. Turn the tables by attacking it, without fighting to free yourself.

Tip #7: You can’t use your knuckles on your fist but you still have your big knuckle, your head. Yes, your head is a powerful weapon, which is why a fighter I know calls it the big knuckle.

If you’re being held from behind in a bear hug, pull the back of your head toward your face. His big knuckle will leave him needing reconstructive surgery and probably drinking shakes for a few weeks (because he might lose some teeth).

This won’t work as well if your attacker is smaller than you (a rare but not unheard of situation). His other option, tip #8, is to dig your heels into the top of your foot as described above. Stomping is extremely painful, especially if you wear shoes or boots that have heels.

Just so as not to leave you with too few moves, here’s one more.

Tip #9: If for some reason headbutting and heeling don’t work with a bear hug, you can often grab the fingers of one of his hands with both hands. Take different fingers of one of your hands with yours and pull in the opposite direction (as if you were opening a stubborn bag of chips).

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