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A Jacques De Decker scholarship for curiosity

IAlmost a year ago the writer and former journalist of the Evening Jacques De Decker, April 12, 2020. Author, translator, adapter, host, this passionate defender of letters, active on the board of directors of various theaters, essential of the Rossel Prize jury, perpetual secretary of the Royal Academy of Language and of French Literature of Belgium, was also an extraordinary president of Passa Porta, the Brussels temple of literature.

Because he was “a real bridge between languages ​​and cultures”, Passa Porta decided, at the opening of its biannual festival, to pay tribute to him with the creation of a prize bearing his name: the Jacques De Decker scholarship – ode to curiosity. A scholarship created “to perpetuate the insatiable curiosity of this pillar of the literary world by supporting enthusiasm beyond the linguistic frontier and new ways of bringing literature to life. “

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