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A Wagon of Love – AND – Prairie Wolf – AND – Still and Silent I Lay – AND – The Fog in the Hollow


Oh what does the winter drift bring?

Two puppies snuggly in a red and green crate

In an old rusty blue children’s wagon

They are gifts to greet this Christmas again

The puppies contemplate the snow

Towards the house where the windows shine

Because in there, a girl and a boy

Wait for a promised gift of loving joy

Her treasure is adorned with a large red bow.

The same one worn one Christmas, long ago

When loving parents gave their children

Two rescued puppies, whose lives had been saved

Gifts like these, gifts of life and love.

They are like those given to us by the Creator on high

On that first Christmas he was born in the night

A gift given: a child who would show us the light.

What treasure will await you on Christmas day?

What a gift from God to you, in the snow does put?

~*Kathy Pippig



there is a bug living

In the hills and the field.

Distrust strangers,

from the unknown can hide.

Although his kingdom grows smaller and smaller,

the patrol still with pride,

‘Bass the bright moon, softly quilting

with his shadow by his side.

When the sun sinks into twilight

prairie wolf does give voice,

through the darkness to the night sky,

where the silver stars shine.

~*Kathy Pippig



While my body, still and silent, lay,

I see you cry and I hear you pray.

But I’m not there

as you gently cradle my neck and face.

Your tears keep falling

Even after I left your embrace

I know I am in another splendid place now.

I am no longer tired or tormented by pain.

I am in a meadow on a sun-warmed plain.

There are hills, flowers, rivers and grassy glades.

Bright starry nights and beautiful sunny days.

I am at the Bridge to run and play.

And until you join me, this is where I will stay.

I loved you then, I love you now.

Although I live here, I will visit you from time to time.

You’ll feel me close and you’ll wonder how

I’ve been doing since I got to the Bridge.

Well I’m doing as good as I can

and my love for you shines for eternity.

I’ll see you when the time is right.

So please kiss my face and hold me tight.

And join me on our heavenly flight.

Together we will always be

our love the bond that makes us free.

your beloved furkin (furry member of the family).

~*Kathy Pippig



On a cool autumn morning

when the mist fills the glen

and the sun dyes the sky red amber,

Fairies dance deep in the forest.

in a glen ‘medium dew covered grass

stands a man dressed in plaid

and their flutes are the song of the wind,

heard in the dim light of a dream.

Toning up the cold is the haze

as it flows with the chorus of sad notes

of the rhythmic melody of the pipe.

Invigorating cold is the breeze

that weaves through the trees

and about the mist in the hollow.

~*Kathy Pippig

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