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A – Z Healing Benefits of Crystals and Stones

Agate- This crystal will allow you to have confidence in yourself by stimulating your inner talents, freeing your creativity and allowing you a greater ability to think and analyze. In addition to relieving tensions and fears, Agate will help you excel in all aspects.

Amber- This powerful crystal will absorb all the negativity around you and replace it with positivity – these forces will allow the body to heal itself. For those who have suicidal feelings, amber is also a very good Feng Shui cure for depression.

Amethyst- This stone will create mental clarity and more serene states of mind, therefore allowing your inner creativity and knowing to flow. It is a very good Feng Shui cure for those who suffer from insomnia or constant nightmares, as it will stimulate peace and tranquility in your thoughts.

Aquamarine- For those who have trouble expressing their feelings and speaking out loud, the Feng Shui benefits of this crystal will help; By suppressing your fears and relieving anxiety, you will develop the self-confidence and perseverance to get through difficult times. During trials or meditation is a good time to wear aquamarine.

Aventurine- This crystal is very helpful in creating concentration and focus, allowing for quick decision making and a better flow of creativity. In addition to this, your ability to lead others will be enhanced, and you will have a greater ability to overcome obstacles in your path.

Bloodroot- This magical stone, in addition to being very good for cleansing the blood, has the power to ward off evil spirits and repress bad intentions, protecting you from any danger.

cornelian- For those seeking the tools to move forward in life, this stone will enhance perseverance, confidence, creativity, and leadership, allowing them to better analyze and understand the situations around them.

Charoite- This stone is a powerful Feng Shui cure for those suffering from compulsions and obsessive actions. In addition to this, it will suppress stress by removing any negative energy in your life and revitalizing your chi. Used Charoite will leave you relaxed and anxiety free.

Clear Quartz – This beautiful crystal has a powerful energetic power that can transform energy in many ways. It will also defend you against those who wish to harm you and cause you pain.

Garnet- This stone is considered as the stone of romance, passion and well-being. It will remove any depression and stress from your life and enhance feelings of lust, sexuality and intimacy, allowing you to feel closer to your partner and happier in life.

Hematite- This crystal is highly prized as a physical healer, due to its powers to rejuvenate the body’s oxygen supply and improve circulation by inducing the absorption of iron by red blood cells.

Jade- In ancient China, this stone has long been sought after for its abilities to both heal and protect. A symbol of the beautiful and pure of heart, this stone will also allow for mental clarity and a stronger flow of intelligence and creativity.

Jasper- For those who suffer from headaches, migraines, and stress, this stone is the ideal Feng Shui cure; it will calm your mind and induce serenity, allowing you to release your anxiety and feel more at peace with your soul.

lapis lazuli- This crystal is symbolic of a high spirit as it will increase your sense of adventure and allow you to feel more in control of your own life. In addition to this, your fears will be suppressed and you will see the world in a clearer sense.

Moonstone- Mainly used as a Feng Shui cure for women, this stone will solve many problems you are faced with; menstrual cramps, stress during menopause and obstacles with fertility. In addition to this, women who wear the Moonstone will be enhancing their feminine qualities, stimulating inner intuition and becoming more attractive on the outside.

Obsidian- This stone is the perfect Feng Shui cure for those who suffer from low self-esteem and need increased confidence. In addition to this, it is the ideal defense against negative chi in your life, and will defend you against those with bad intentions.

Onyx- For those who have just gotten out of a difficult relationship and are trying to move on, the Onyx stone is a good Feng Shui remedy to heal your heart. It will also keep negative energy away from you, keeping your mindset positive and happy.

Peridot- This stone is widely used by those who seek to overcome the past, allowing them to let go of grudges and old feelings. Your heart will be open and fresh, and there will be no more feelings of resentment, jealousy, or anger.

Prehnite- This stone will ensure that you are ready for any situation that comes your way. It is also known as the stone of “unconditional love”, and is capable of repairing any wound or emotional problem. In addition to this, Prehnite will increase your intuition.

rhodochrosite- In Feng Shui, this crystal is an icon of compassion and romance, and constant giving in relationships. It is also used for people suffering from depression and denial after tragedies, as well as to improve self-esteem and emotional problems.

Pink quartz – Known as the “Love Stone”, this beautiful item aids in all aspects of romance; help singles find their life partner, improve the quality of a long-term relationship, and mend those with broken hearts.

Ruby-A crystal that revitalizes the desire to live, this item provides happiness for those seeking greater passion and happiness in their endeavors. It will allow you to achieve your goals and achieve your aspirations, as well as keep your assets safe from theft or loss.

Rutilated Quartz – This stone has properties that heal depression, insomnia, guilt, and feelings of sadness, replacing them with emotions of inspiration and romance. Because of this, Rutilated Quartz has the power to revive relationships and create a renewed sense of hope and creativity.

Sapphire – Known as the “stone of wisdom”, this crystal induces just that; a feeling of mental clarity that removes all negative thoughts and allows you a new mindset. While normal sapphire is said to release mental tension, blue sapphire is known to enhance the emotions of love.

Smoky Quartz – This crystal is a good Feng Shui remedy for those who suffer from laziness and lethargy. By eliminating electromagnetic smog, an electromagnetic field that has dangerous effects on some people, it creates an environment for greater concentration and common sense.

Sodalite- This stone allows people to discover their inner truths, express them and support them no matter the situation. It is also a useful stone to remove any electromagnetic fields, especially those that are emitted by technology.

Tiger’s Eye- Those who wear the Tiger Eye gain a new lease of life and strive for success. By enhancing your confidence, loyalty, power, and positivity, this stone will allow you to take your passion and make it a reality.

Turquoise- Many use this beautiful crystal to revitalize their chi and achieve a sense of peace. Turquoise is also a Feng Shui cure for broken relationships, creating loyalty and hope. Use this stone to improve communication with those around you.

Watermelon Tourmaline – For those who are looking to find new love and come to terms with the relationship, wearing this stone will allow them the tolerance and patience to deal with their potential partner. In addition to this, you will love yourself more, and you will feel more joy and peace.

Zoisite – This crystal is an effective Feng Shui remedy for those suffering from lethargy and depression; it does this by removing negativity and providing positivity. In addition to this, you will gain increased focus and creativity from using Zoisite.

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