Albert Sambi Lokonga: “Go to the Euro? I believe in it”

Albert Sambi Lokonga hopes to impress on his Devils debut.

How he learned about his selection: “I was in language class (Editor’s note: he’s learning Spanish) and I saw a congratulatory message on my phone. I understood that I was selected. I received a lot of messages. very proud. I had a long journey to get there. “

The words of his relatives: “It is a personal achievement but also for my family. My parents told me that it was just the beginning, that I was going to continue. My brother (Editor’s note: Paul-José Mpoku), he told me to take full advantage. Just like Vincent Kompany “

What he expects from the gathering: “I want to learn from guys like Lukaku or De Bruyne. I’m going to be with the greatest players in the world. I want to get what I can and put everything in my backpack. (Laughs) But I’m also here. to show what I’m capable of. Without any pressure. “

Since when he had been waiting to become Red Devil: “We started to mention my name when, unfortunately, Axel Witsel was injured. I tell myself that going to the Euro is an achievable goal. I believe in it. It will depend on the coach and my performances. I have to show what I’m capable of on the pitch and we’ll see if it comes. “

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