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Amateur Picture Framing Society

Many people want to frame their own paintings or photographs, but have no idea where to start. It is not a good idea to start investing in equipment right away as you may not know the best equipment and the best way to frame your artwork. Therefore, we encourage you to ask around and learn from us or experienced framers. Any advice you receive will be helpful in finishing your framing job successfully. That’s what the Amateur Picture Framers Society – APFS is for.

Features of joining the APFS:

1. Frequent Frames Newsletter

Regular newsletter for members only. Full of information on framing techniques, projects to be carried out, technical advice, dates for your agenda and useful advice to make your hobby more enjoyable.

2. Accredited demonstrators

Learn from experienced hobby framers who started out just like you. Society members who are FrameCo “Accredited Demonstrators” teach classes in clubs, pubs and homes in their local area. From basic classes on how to get started to creative classes on framing and rug cutting.

3. Framers Forum

Get answers to your framing questions from people who know framing. People who know what it’s like to do your own framing projects. Edited by FrameCo’s trained staff and guest contributors from other fields such as photography, sewing and art. This is a great way to connect with others who have a similar interest or experience. How to share ideas, learn more about any framing question, or just have a complaint!

3. Gold Smart Framer

Smart Framer, the popular frame design program that runs on the FrameCo website, has some special features added for members of the society.

If you’re not sure which color board or frame you’ve selected in Smart Framer, you can get help. Simply save your designs and submit them for a “Frame Review”. You’ll be amazed at the difference a second opinion can make.

4. Member Gallery

Proud of your latest creation, then show it off to others. Submit a photo of your best work and have it published in the member gallery. Others will be interested in what you do and how you did it. This area is for those who are inspired and inspiring.

5. Member discount

Member discounts on a wide range of products As a member of the “Amateur Picture Framing Society” you are entitled to discounts on a variety of FrameCo products.

6. Secure online shopping

Our online shopping service has an internationally recognized security certificate so you can shop with confidence.

7. Home based business

If you want to take your hobby a step further, our business advice and support service will help you grow successfully. When you start your own home business, it can be daunting. We understand this, which is why FrameCo is here to help. Our documentation and mentoring will get you on the road to success.

Join the Hobbyist Picture Framing Society now!

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