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An Apple car for 2024?

If Apple is more specialized in smartphones, laptops or other connected objects, the Apple brand could soon expand its offer. Apple has been working for several years on the “Titan” project, an electric car project. Tim Cook even confirmed the rumors 3 years ago. But according to the Reuters news agency, which interviewed people close to the project, the electric car project is at an advanced stage.

So when can we get this Apple Car? Still according to the same sources, Apple’s electric car could be marketed in 2024!

At the center of this Apple electric car: a revolutionary house battery, an element that is expensive during the production of electric cars, which would drastically reduce the cost of production.

The Reuters source describes Apple’s technology as “revolutionary” and compare that with the appearance of the first iPhone: ” It’s high level, like the first time you saw the iPhone“. After having revolutionized the mobile phone market, will Apple revolutionize the automotive market? The suspense remains unresolved.

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