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Audi Brussels gets successor for e-tron

Good news from Ingolstadt for Audi Brussels: production director Peter Kössler confirms that the Brussels factory will receive a successor to the e-tron, which sales are booming.

At the end of February, Audi CEO Markus Duesmann had already hinted that Vorst can count on a successor to the e-tron, the fully electric model of the German car manufacturer. That news was confirmed on Thursday by the top of Audi in the explanation of the annual figures.



In the Brussels factory of the German luxury car manufacturer Audi, some 42,100 e-trons were produced last year.

“The factory in Brussels is important to us and an essential part of our production,” says Peter Kössler, who is responsible for production and logistics. ‘The e-tron today has a third of its running time behind it and we are looking at what happens afterwards. There will be a successor, but it is still too early today for more information. ‘

Sales are running smoothly

In the Brussels factory of the German luxury car manufacturer Audi, some 42,100 e-trons were produced last year. In 2019 there were 43,009. Nevertheless, the top of Audi emphasizes that the e-tron is a success for the car manufacturer. “The car is number one in Norway and is also doing very well in many other European countries,” he said.

Demand for the electric car increased by nearly 80 percent last year compared to 2019, according to Audi. Audi wants to have more than 20 fully electric models in its range by 2025. The car manufacturer expects that by then a third of new cars worldwide will be electric or hybrid.

Five years later, in 2030, the German carmaker expects up to 60 percent of all new Audis sold in Europe to be fully electric. That is less than parent company Volkswagen, which is aiming for 70 percent for the entire group.

Best Quarter Ever

Last year, Audi delivered 1,692,773 new cars, a decrease of about 8 percent compared to 2019. After a difficult start in the corona year 2020, the markets managed to recover, according to Audi, resulting in record sales of 505,583 new cars in the closing quarter . The closing quarter was therefore the most successful in its history for Audi.
The total turnover last year was just below the 50 billion euro mark, or 10.3 percent lower than in 2019. The operating profit decreased by 37.8 percent to 2.74 billion euros.

Shortage of chips

This year Audi expects to do better. The car manufacturer assumes a recovery of the world economy, depending on further developments around the corona pandemic. ‘We look to 2021 with cautious optimism,’ says financial director Arno Antlitz. One of the uncertain factors remains the shortage of semiconductors, which forced production at Audi Brussels to stop for one week in February. At Audi, it is suspected that those deliveries will cause a volatile situation throughout the year. Improvement is only expected from the summer.

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