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Babies cry: what does it mean?

Since you were born, a person has tried to communicate with you. It will constantly try to tell you what it needs. In its 0-3 months, a baby’s intelligence has not been fully formed. Therefore, you cannot say what you want.

The baby talks with his crying. Cry when you need something. In this case, you should try to understand what they are trying to say. In fact, if you listen to her cry carefully, it makes sense. In addition, he cries with different types of crying for different needs. The person who discovered that a baby’s cry means something is Priscilla Dunstan.

On her site, she tells him that the baby uses his voice and body movement to indicate his needs. The voices of a baby are not random. Makes voices related to their physical needs. If his needs are met, he will cry louder and become angry. However, understand the baby’s language, in this case his cry is very important. This will build the intimate relationship between the mother and the baby, especially when the baby is between 0 and 3 months.

By understanding the baby’s language, parents will be able to meet their baby’s needs. When a baby’s needs are met quickly, the baby’s emotion will be better. Letting a baby cry out loud before meeting his needs is not a good option. At another time, you may cry louder and louder to meet your needs.

There are five basic needs that a baby often cries for. Those who are hungry because they want to drink milk, are sleepy because they want to sleep, want to burp, and want to cut the cheese or make a garbage can.

Based on those needs, a baby will make voices. To recognize these voices, parental care is necessary, especially that mothers listen to those voices to understand what the baby is trying to say. Here are some voices that the baby makes when he wants to tell his parents that he needs something.
– Neh: there is a “nnn” sound at the beginning of a baby’s cry. This means that the baby is hungry and wants to drink milk.
– Heh: there is a “hhh” sound at the beginning of a baby’s cry. This means that the baby is uncomfortable. It may be because of the wet diaper you are wearing, it may be that you feel hot or cold.
– Eh: there is no sound of “n” or “h” at the beginning of a baby’s cry. This means that you want to burp. You want your body to be upright so you can get the gas out of your stomach.
– Eairh: there is an “r” sound in her cry. This means you want to take a look at cutting the cheese. There is something uncomfortable in your stomach.
– Aaw / owh: makes your mouth oval. This means that the baby is sleepy and wants to sleep.

Priscilla says that this is a universal language among the babies of the world. From now on, try to understand what your baby is trying to say. For a clearer explanation, you can find the book on crying baby in stores.

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