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Basic Food Processor Parts and Components

A food processor is a great time-saving multi-dimensional kitchen appliance that can perform many different slicing, chopping, shredding, and grinding tasks. However, despite its various functions, it is a fairly easy and simple device to use.

Before using and experimenting with the appliance, familiarize yourself with its basic parts and components. A processor basically consists of the following easily manageable, mobile and removable parts:

  • A heavy, stable base or enclosure unit that houses the processor engine. The heavy base of a food processor is designed to provide stability while the appliance is in operation. The housing base unit must remain stable and firm while the motor and rotating blades or discs are in play. The base also usually contains the device’s power cord and control buttons such as on, off, and pulse.
  • A shaft that extends up from the base unit and motor and drives the blades and discs that fit onto the shaft.
  • Various chopping and mixing blades and shredding and slicing discs that slide on the shaft.
  • A work bowl that fits into the base unit of the housing and around the spindle. The work bowl, and therefore the size of the food processor, typically ranges from 2 to about 13 cups of processed food.
  • A work bowl lid that fits over the work bowl and keeps processed food inside the food bowl.
  • A feed tube and pushrod or assembly through which food is fed into the unit’s bowl, blades, and discs.
  • Optional accessories which may include beaters or whisks.

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