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Be your own boss and kiss the cubicle goodbye

Every day, people use online businesses for their needs and purchases. In fact, I’d be willing to bet that almost all of us have bought someone a gift online or used a company’s website to access their services. We’ve probably all used,, or even Shopping online is quick and convenient, which probably explains why so many people these days are ditching department stores.

We all love the idea of ​​being able to shop from the comfort of our homes. We can browse thousands of products while watching TV, or we can search millions of videos to watch on websites like As Americans, we love surfing the Internet. Even our phones now give us the ability to access the Internet no matter where we are.

Have you ever wondered who made sites like and so powerful? One would think that these extremely popular sites were the product of a person with a highly educated postgraduate degree in the field of computer science or business management. Someone with years of experience in those fields as well. The fact is that Facebook was founded by a college kid in his dorm room. Today it is worth billions.

Thanks to all the current technology, any of us could create our own online business and be successful. With the right software and support, we could create our own business and start taking advantage of all the people who shop and do business online. We can finally be our own bosses and work the hours we want to work. We no longer have to be at the mercy of our employers.

We’ve probably all heard talk around the water cooler about how our jobs suck and we’d love to win the lottery or be our own boss one day. Most of us think it will never happen and force the thought to the back of our minds. That being our own boss sounds too fantastic to be a real possibility.

We assume that starting a business is fraught with risk and an extreme need for capital to get it up and running. We’ve all seen restaurants that opened with such fanfare and hope fail before the year was out losing every penny the budding restaurateur put into it. Retail stores and restaurants are on the decline in the real world, possibly due to our sinking economy and possibly the ease of shopping online.

Online businesses are booming. The customer base is constantly growing. Your best chance at being your own boss and operating your own business is to take advantage of the Internet. The very good news of all this is that you can be your own boss, choose your work hours and do it all in your sweat without leaving home.

Everyone buys online and enjoys the experience because of the convenience. This means a great opportunity for anyone with a strong online business concept. We can now experience flexible work hours, a flexible dress code, and still earn an income large enough to pay our bills and then some. This doesn’t just happen to computer whiz kids or financial geniuses. With the right software and the right determination and attitude, any of us can be the captain of our own online business and kiss the cubicle goodbye.

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