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Benefits of past life regression

Past life regression is valuable and the only source for clearing/healing traumatic past life experiences, which otherwise prevent us from fully realizing in this life and/or cause us distress. Additional benefits are the activation of creativity or a valuable talent that was actively expressed before but has lain dormant or unrecognized in this lifetime.

Past life regression may be the sole goal of a hypnosis session or it may be initiated in the context of an alchemical hypnotherapy session. A session may include experiences other than visiting a past life, such as a past life regression, communication on the etheric plane, inner guidance work, and/or between life work. The methods often overlap: both EPC and Reframing can occur in this life or in a past life. The Inner Guides can be contacted during any of the other techniques. The name of alchemical hypnotherapy comes from alchemy, generally considered to be the science or art of transforming base metals into gold, but ancient alchemists were primarily concerned with transforming the human spirit (with the façade of “chemistry” serving to protect them). of the chase). ), and contact with past lives was basic in his process. A key part of the process is to love, accept or make peace with things as they are (or as they were in the past life), thus releasing the energy of transformation.

The benefits of past life regression include the following:

Clearing/Healing Trauma: This is the most common aspect of healing in past life regression. When trauma is encountered, options include running and changing, rescuing the past life self (PLS) and bringing it into the present, or viewing the trauma and life as a whole from the Higher Self perspective.

Overt acts of healing (past life self as perpetrator rather than victim): Healing involves the PLS experiencing remorse (aided by one of several methods as needed), either receiving forgiveness from the person(s) ) victim(s) or making a proper atonement , and obtain forgiveness from the present life self for the overt act(s).

Getting in touch with creativity: Most of us have had a variety of desirable talents and attributes at different times in our many past lives. We can travel to one or more lives (with or without first naming a talent or attribute we would like to contact) and present the attribute itself or the PLS (which becomes in effect an inner Guide).

Rewrite Past Life Contracts: Some of our karma involving another person may stem from a promise or agreement made in a past life with that person, such as “I will never leave you.” After contacting the life where the contract originated, the past life practitioner, along with Inner Guidance from the client (usually the Higher Self) determines if there are any outstanding debts or obligations, if so, makes an appropriate atonement, and then reviews contract. in the most favorable way to the current needs of the client.

Grounding/Affirmation: While this benefit of past life regression seems inconsequential, it is the deepest and most meaningful reason to engage in the process. Many clients after having completed several past life regressions report that they feel more grounded in who they are; now they understand why they have certain characteristics, passions, desires, values, talents, concerns, etc. and you can use the information to live a happier, more balanced life in the now.

People frequently ask, “What if I just think the information is a past life, what if I’m just making it up?” There are checks and balances to know if the information is really a past life. However, if it is truly made up, it is still valid, if the person benefits from the ‘made up story’. Actually, our whole life is built on the fly. Didn’t you make up the story that you wanted to go to college, become a doctor, lawyer, etc., get married, have kids, and grow old with your partner, and then you’re doing/did? So what if you make up a past life that benefited you in this life? Who has been harmed? No one has been injured. I’m still my case.

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