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Body DeTox – The Ultra Bath

I recently discovered how to take an ultra bath to help my body detox. Detox is really just another name for cleansing. A toxin is anything that causes harmful or irritating effects in our bodies.

Every day we are exposed to chemicals in our environment, in addition to air and water pollution and radiation. Our diets consist of refined foods, lots of sugar, and we often use antibiotics to fight disease. And our stress levels are really damaging our bodies. Signs of toxic overload can include dry, blotchy skin, infections, lack of energy, joint pain, allergies, bloating, constipation, and just a general feeling of being unwell.

The main way to help your body detoxify is to support elimination by drinking plenty of water and eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, and less meat and dairy products.

I want to tell you how to give yourself a relaxing and detoxifying bath. I am currently reading The UltraMind Solution by Dr. Mark Hyman and lists one of the keys to ultra wellness as “enhancing detoxification.” Dr. Hyman talks about learning to hit the “pause” button in our lives to help us relax and better manage stress. Here is a great detox bath salt recipe. For the ultra bath, fill your bathtub with hot water. While the water is filling, add two cups of Epsom salts, half a cup of baking soda, and ten drops of lavender oil. Be sure to put the lavender oil in the Epsom salts before throwing it under running water so the lavender oil soaks deep into the water instead of just sitting on top. Get in there and soak for twenty minutes. Light a candle and put on music too, if you wish. After soaking in your ultra bath, massage your skin with a massage mitt or washcloth. I also like to dry brush my skin before I get in the tub.

Epsom salts are pure magnesium, which is needed by the body to maintain healthy tissues. Magnesium draws out toxins and improves circulation. It has a real body cleansing effect. Taking Calcium & Magnesium in a tablet and soaking in an ultra bath can really help your body relax and get rid of toxins in this way. Of course, there are other ways to remove toxins from your body, such as exercise, saunas, massages, and as I mentioned before, improving your diet to improve elimination.

I encourage you to do more research on effective ways to detoxify your body that will result in a better appearance, better health, restful sleep, and a better mood. Remember to check with your doctor about your health problems.

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