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Can yeast infections be prevented? What should you do?

Yeast infection is an infection that everyone wants to stay away from, as it can affect almost anyone. It is because the Candida albicans fungus grows uncontrollably. When a yeast infection occurs, it can lead to irritation with itching and pain. Good thing this infection can be prevented, but how?

For one, you would need to boost your immune system. Therefore, you should eat a good, balanced diet and avoid foods such as sugar and simple carbohydrates that promote the growth of yeast infection. This is because the Candida fungus loves yeast and simple carbohydrates.

Sugar also has mild antibacterial properties that limit and prohibit the amount of good bacteria in the body. And these good bacteria are essential to your health and prohibit the growth of the yeast fungus. The antibacterial property of sugar is even the reason why it is used to cure hams.

So if you want to prevent yeast infection, you will need to cut down on sugar and white flour. But sad to say, a number of processed and prepared foods that people often buy also contain sugar and simple carbohydrates. This is one of the reasons why many people easily get yeast infections.

Intake of dietary fiber will also help prevent the occurrence of yeast infection. For one thing, dietary fiber will help your digestive system work properly. It will also keep your intestines moving and help prevent fungal build-up in your intestinal tract.

Therefore, it is important that you get plenty of nutrients and fiber to prevent yeast infection. The good news is that these will not only prevent infection, this will also help improve your health. However, there are other factors like warm, moist skin that you need to consider to prevent yeast infection.

You should also avoid antibiotics and products that can cause hormonal changes, such as birth control pills. Pills can help trigger an infection, so you need to make sure that the pill you are using does not affect your hormonal level.

It would also be better if you stay away from antibiotics. Antibiotics kill all bacteria, good or bad. Although antibiotics can cure illnesses, be sure to take antibiotics only when absolutely necessary.

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