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Canceled trips: the fund for vouchers is on track

In January, we discussed the future of vouchers. As a reminder, there is on the table, the creation of a “bank” which would reimburse customers who wish while saving the sector.

The iIt would be for the State to take care of repaying all these vouchers through a financial structure. The federal government would advance the money by paying travelers, while travel agents and tour operators would guarantee reimbursement when activities resume, when the cash registers fill up again. Discussions are advanced with Secretary of State Eva De Bleeker but we had to have an answer before Christmas and we are still waiting “, explained Anne-Sophie Snyers, secretary general of the Upav.

And as the deadline draws closer, no formal agreement has yet been made. “It is progressing well and we have informal agreements but it is urgent! Eva De Bleeker agrees to take charge of the first refunds and this would be good news for customers and tour operators alike.”

A delegation from the sector is invited to a parliamentary committee this Wednesday, February 10. A new way to move the project forward, and other aid for the sector.

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