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Carnival: full box for rental companies on the coast

With the return of good weather and almost springtime temperatures, the Belgians stormed the beaches of the coast this weekend. Good news for bicycle and tour operators, satisfied with these Carnival holidays. “We worked really well every day of the week. And Saturday and Sunday, it was the apotheosis!”Enthuses Rudi Cattrysse, manager of a bicycle rental shop in Le Coq (De Haan). “We achieved a margin of 80% on our usual turnover for the whole week. I think people wanted to be free and take advantage of the weather.”In Coxyde, same observation for Bénédict Ollivier, manager of“ Coxy-Kart ”:“People started to come on Tuesday. We had a lot of families and retirees. Honestly, given the situation we did very well.”In Ostend, where attendance was considered“ dense ”by the barometer of the North Sea Tourist Office, customers were also there. “We had a lot of people during the week, and even more this weekend. We hope to be able to work as well next weekend”, Suggests Jonathan, employee of“ Nico fun on wheels ”in Ostend. According to the rental companies on the coast, a greater majority of tourists were from Wallonia. “With us, the clientele was 75% Walloon”, Underlines“ Coxy-Kart ”. The same goes for Ostend and Le Coq.

After a great week of rentals, professionals are now looking forward to the Easter holidays. “We keep our fingers crossed that the weather is good and that people come back to the beaches in droves”, Hopes Rudi Cattrysse. New appointment therefore on April 4. “We hope that by then, the Horeca will have reopened its doors”, Continues the manager of“ Fietsen Cattrysse ”. By Easter, we are therefore expecting the Belgians to be firmly on the North Sea coast.

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