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Chesapeake Bay Retriever Dog Health Issues, Tips for Care and Living Environment

Health Issues: The Chesapeake Bay Retriever can be prone to hip dysplasia, Willbrand’s disease, entropy, and retinal atrophy. As with any breed of dog, it is very important that they receive their annual boosters and dewormers. Also be sure to make trips at least twice a year to your vet for a checkup.

Grooming: it can be bathed, but only if it is really necessary, since the oils of its coat can be scratched. This breed needs weekly brushing just to remove loose hairs and debris.

Living Conditions: The Chesapeake Bay Retriever dog is not recommended for apartment living. He needs a good sized garden as he is an active dog. This dog likes to sleep outside, but it needs to be a member of the family. They love nothing more than swimming and recovering. It should be remembered that this is a working dog, and therefore it needs constant leadership. However, a gentle approach is the best way for this dog to learn, this breed is not recommended as a first dog.

The Chesapeake Bay Retriever dog breed can be very dominant and therefore you need an experienced handler, who offers training and lots, on a consistent basis or this breed can become stubborn. If the balance is maintained as the human being as a good strong leader with the dog firm but right in the place where it should belong, and the human as the alpha, both the dog and the owner will be happy and content. This breed is slow to mature. This is a dog that is happy and can show it by “talking” with his greetings. Socialize this dog well, which will help the dog acquire skills and accept new things.

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