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Chinese giant Xiaomi wants to cancel its blacklisting in the United States

“The company filed an action in the District Court of the United States for the District of Columbia against the United States Department of Defense and the Department of the Treasury on January 29, 2021,” Xiaomi said in a statement.

She “believes that the decision to include the company as a + Chinese Communist Military Company + (…) was incorrect and deprived the company of due process.”

She adds that to protect the interests of its users, partners, employees and shareholders, she pleaded “for the decision to be declared illegal and overturned”.

Just six days from the end of Donald Trump’s mandate, the US administration made a series of announcements targeting Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi, but also popular video platform TikTok and oil giant CNOOC.

This measure was the ultimate realization of four years of diplomatic tensions between Beijing and Washington under the presidency of Donald Trump.

Xiaomi, which overtook Apple by becoming the world’s third-largest smartphone maker in 2020, is one of nine Chinese companies to be on the blacklist. The Trump administration accused her of ties to the Chinese military.

This measure means that American investors cannot buy Xiaomi securities and will even have to dispose of them.

Xiaomi’s stock had plunged on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

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