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Choose from the most popular and cheapest travel hotels

Waves and waves of people flock to the Caribbean islands during the holiday season to enjoy a warm tropical getaway from the frigid winter months. It is one of the most fashionable vacation spots in the world due to its reputation for exclusivity, luxury and stunning beauty. In the Caribbean, Barbados travel hotels are the most opulent and exclusive, therefore the most expensive. However, these accommodations remain the most popular on the island paradise.

The main challenges when planning a getaway to this privileged area are allocating a strict budget and choosing the right accommodation. There are usually two trends when choosing a place to stay in this tropical paradise and they are between the ‘hottest’ and the cheapest. Demographics tend to dictate these trends. For example, wealthier demographics are looking for the latest and greatest of the lot, while the rest simply want the best value for their money. Either way, this article will feature the hottest and newest as well as the cheapest hotels in the Caribbean.

The most popular and new hotels

First is the Seven Stars Resort located in Turks and Caicos. Believe it or not, but the smallest room in this place, which is a one-bedroom studio, is 620 square feet. Each room is spacious enough to accommodate a working kitchen. If cooking is not what the visitor has in mind, the resort’s restaurant called La Pergola offers a wide variety of Caribbean and international cuisines.

The second is the Firefly Hotel located in little Bequia. It is significantly smaller, with just eight rooms. However, the complex overlooks 20 acres of groves and plantations. Walking through the property will lead visitors to a secluded white beach that is known for the perfect snorkeling experience.

The third is La Concha, the classic Puerto Rican escape. It was recently reopened after a $220 million renovation that gave the property a more modern, relaxing and pleasant appearance. Visitors can choose one of the 248 rooms, each of which offers a beautiful view of the sea. Its poolside restaurant, Perla, boasts contemporary American seafood dishes, as well as a 4,000-bottle wine cellar.

Cheapest Hotels

First is the Parrot Cay resort in Turks and Caicos. Due to the economic crisis, bookings have plummeted to a 50 percent decline in scheduled flights. The upside to this disgrace is that the property strives to attract tourists and guests with deals like its “7 for 5” deal, which includes two free nights with a five-night stay.

The second is the Rockhouse Hotel. This has long been a secret among budget travelers. Located in Negril, it is carved into a stone cliff on the western edge of the island. The hotel’s villas overlook Pristine Bay and feature a 60-foot-long pool. Reasonable rates include breakfast and French-inspired dinners.

The third is the Hotel Doña Elvira in the Dominican Republic. This 16th-century colonial mansion has a pool shaded by palm trees and is conveniently located near Old Santo Domingo. It remains a popular choice among different tourists because in addition to its elegant and characterful aesthetics, its services, amenities and other facilities fit well on a tight budget.

When choosing accommodation for a vacation, it is vital to make decisions based on preferences and whether or not the choice is appropriate for the people in the travel party. There are Barbados Travel hotels that are more suitable for cheaper stays, families, couples, business meetings, etc. The key is to make a thorough comparison of all the options to ensure that the best hotel is chosen, whether or not it is one of the most popular or cheapest.

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