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Confession of a food addict

I have a confession to make.

I had been saving this for my family and loved ones, although I think they had already noticed my new behavior.

I cannot resist this addiction and have been doing this for a while. Its side effects are slowly manifesting themselves and I need help. I know this is not good for my health and most of the people I know are also hooked on this bad lifestyle. And I should know better how to get out of this addiction because I am good in this field, this is my strength.

Events (edit)

Every day is a struggle every time I sit in the chair, look at the plate, and hold the two paraphernalia (my spoon and fork). My inner conscience and healthy mind would fight the temptation, but most of the time defeated by the urge to go for more. It is a constant struggle between good and evil, and evil often prevails.

I am a food technologist. I can count calories in each serving, determine the physico-chemical characteristics of each food, and yet every time I eat, I can’t control my cravings to fill my stomach to the max! Although I am already full, I would not stop eating until I finished all the food on the table.

Marinade bathed in oil, lasagna in a creamy white sauce, premium rocky road ice cream and black forest cake are my best relief if I have problems at work.

Worst of all, I think and plan what to cook for the next meal, even when I just finished the last one.


Obviously now I am overweight and want to change.

I am not the only one affected by this disease. Most of the people I know have also complained that they are affected as well. I think it could also be contagious.

We made a deal and a competition with my friends about who will be the BIGGEST LOSER (biggest loss of body weight and fat) and June 2011 will be doomsday. They are also figuring out how to deal with it in their own way. Each of us is now making our own strategy to overcome our cravings.

Game plan

I hope to win, so I formulated my strategy. It’s the 9-7-4-4. This is not my house number, but a code to always remind me of my fight. One gram of fat equals 9 calories; 1 gram of alcohol = 7 calories; 1 gram of carbohydrates = 4 calories; 1 gram of protein = 4 calories. I would avoid fatty foods and strong beer and reduce my food intake by 20% each week until I reached my goal weight and my body. A simple but difficult strategy to follow.

I’m going into diet mode now, starting tomorrow. Pray for me. I need to go now. I AM HUNGRY!

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