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Cuisine Vivante veggie: a smart cookbook to support Operation 11.11.11

In 2018, the National Center for Development Cooperation (CNCD) decided to launch a cookbook entitled “Living Cuisine”, to show that becoming aware of the world, of its climatic, economic and social changes, also requires one’s plate. And this book, imagined by a young chef and nutrition therapist, was a great success. To launch its operation 11.11.11, the great campaign of international solidarity, this year, the CNCD is once again offering a book “Living Cooking”, this time, a vegetarian version.

The opportunity to show Audrey Elsen’s talent to make cooking joyful and full of energy, but also to offer everyone to opt for resolutely fair and sustainable alternatives also with regard to their food. Without being veggie at all costs, Audrey Elsen has become a flexitarian but she wanted to find gluttony and a veggie option, never mind, she created some 40 recipes that make her mouth water. . “This is a book for those who want to know more about vegetarian cuisine and all that it has appetizing but also confirmed veggies who will find inspiration,” said Audrey. With “tips” for everyone, including how to replace animal proteins and create balanced, gourmet and quick menus.

The campaign takes place during Operation 11.11.11, until November 15, 2020 in the streets and in organic stores, where the book (15 €) and other durable objects will be offered for sale but you can also buy the book online at the Centre’s store. Last year, this huge fundraising helped finance nearly 200 development projects carried out by Belgian NGOs and their local partners in around 40 countries in the South.

The Covid-19 crisis will have strongly shaken our lifestyles and consumption, it has also reinforced global inequalities. 840 million people are at risk of going hungry by 2030, according to estimates by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

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