Dental Health – Insurance Vs Discount Plans
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Dental Health – Insurance Vs Discount Plans

Gone are those days when people with decent jobs were offered health or dental insurance as part of their employment package. This is not the case; small businesses just can’t afford it. So when it comes to your dental health, what do you have to decide: insurance or discount plan?

Dental insurance policies today are too expensive for the average American to purchase. They do not have the financial means to meet the requirements of the policies due to their very high premiums. Also, dental insurance does not cover any of your free existing conditions. Like, for example, car insurance, insurers take a good look at your vehicle and mark any faults it may have so they can’t be tricked into covering it. Similarly, the dental coverage plan only includes any problems that may arise after the insurance has been purchased. Also, the waiting period to get coverage and resolve your problem can take anywhere from six months to a year. Also, dental plans are more maintenance oriented; dentists can take care of cleaning your teeth and giving you a fluoride treatment to avoid future complications that can cost even more money. This is also known as preventive maintenance.

However, discount dental plans represent a completely different side of the story. Discount dental plans give you discounts, from 10 percent to 60 percent. All doctors who are part of this plan are licensed to practice. Even your doctor could be part of one of the networks and not even know it. The coolest part is that you don’t have to file any paperwork, but you do have to pay the doctor in cash. Discount dental plans cover any pre-existing condition you may have, whether it’s a simple procedure like a cleaning or a complicated procedure like a dental implant. Also, there is no waiting period; it’s almost like the ‘pay as you go’ service. Plus, dental plans are extremely affordable. They could be as low as $80 to $90 a year for an individual, or $150 to $160 for the whole family.

All doctors who are part of the dental plan networks are qualified dentists. Even your dentist could be part of the plan and not even know it. Discount dental plans have made dental treatment affordable for not so wealthy US citizens, so now everyone can get rid of their worries and enjoy these affordable plans. Just be sure to also check what options are available to you by browsing online. [] and see what plans are available to you in your area before making a decision you may regret later.

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