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Drama in Sao Paulo: Waited until death in intensive care bed: 22-year-old died of Corona

The collapse of the health system in the Brazilian economic metropolis of São Paulo has increasingly dramatic consequences in view of the increasing number of corona cases.

10.09 p.m., March 18, 2021

Covid station in Porto Alegre, in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande © (c) AFP (SILVIO AVILA)

The case of an infected man hit the headlines on Thursday, the Died while waiting for a vacant ICU bed was. “Unfortunately, we had the first case in the east of the city that a person died without being cared for,” said São Paulo’s mayor Bruno Covas on television.

The news portal “G1” reported, citing the city’s health secretary, that it was one 22-year-old who fell ill with Covid-19 and brought him to an initial medical admission station in serious condition has been. The city administration requested an intensive care bed from the central distribution point. By the time this became available, the man had already died.

Brazil, which only started vaccinations in January, is one of the countries hardest hit by the pandemic. Round 11,700,000 people have been shown to have contracted the coronavirus infected, approximately 285,000 are related to Covid-19 died. Only in the US are the numbers even higher. The largest country in Latin America recently registered a new daily high for new infections and deaths. Brazil has 210 million inhabitants.

“Biggest health and hospital collapse in history”

According to the research organization “Fundação Oswaldo Cruz” (Fiocruz), Brazil is experiencing “the greatest health and hospital collapse in history”. Accordingly, the utilization of public intensive care beds for Covid 19 patients in 24 of 26 states and the capital district of Brasília is 80 percent or more. The governor of the state of São Paulo had announced the opening of around a dozen mobile hospitals. Mayor Covas refused a lockdown.

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