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Emotional Abusers That Won’t Let You Go – Break Free From Narcissistic Abuse

There are emotional abusers who won’t let you go because you still have the psychic cord between you and the abuser. This invisible cord prevents you from committing to the narcissist even after your relationship has ended.

You can feel many different and negative emotions because of this connection. This can lead to a lot of confusion and conflicting emotions, such as feelings of resentment or betrayal, guilt, anger, rejection, and even infidelity. Recovering from this type of chronic despair can be much faster if you know where to begin the healing process.

Emotional abuse is a way to control behavior, but you can free yourself from this kind of suffering. If you have been through any type of abuse, you may not have shown your true feelings due to your emotional immaturity. You may still be dependent on one person to meet your emotional needs.

You have to trust yourself that you can meet your emotional needs. You don’t need to constantly look to others to prove to yourself that they love you. Remember that you can solve the problem of emotional abusers who won’t let you go.

How do you deal with them?

You must remember that narcissism is a mental disorder. They won’t change even if you help them, so stop abusing yourself thinking there’s something wrong with you. Completely erase any thought you can and it will help a narcissist.

The best thing you can do is love yourself and learn to live without depending on them. Doing this will restore your self-confidence and self-respect. You are very responsible for how you feel.

Keep in mind that you cannot and will never make a narcissist happy because deep down they lack self-confidence. They only feel good about themselves when they abuse you in some way.

Also remember that a narcissist wants to control you and will not let you go that easily. The truth is that they are very afraid of being betrayed and abandoned, just like you.

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