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Fashion in 2021: 8 spring-summer trends

Here are the new Spring / Summer 2021 looks. Flowers, vibrant colors and durable jeans are all the rage.

1. Belgian flowers

What could be better than flowers to symbolize hope, the future and a new beginning? Even though flowers have been a part of the trend repertoire for years, these designs are more welcome than ever.

Christian Wijnants

2. We dare the color!

The vaccine that is good at the start of the year, both for men and women, is a dose of joy, color and optimism. To consume without moderation.

Jil sander

3. Durable denim

Sustainable jeans are a trend that … lasts. Here are some names to pin down:

  • Re-Born, denim clothing made from quality second-hand jeans, is a new lead for Guess.
  • The new Wellthread collection unites Levi’s sustainable projects: up to 96% less water, more recycled cotton and natural dyes.
  • Jeans from the Belgian label HNST are made from 56% recycled cotton, save 6,636 liters of water per pair and are fully recyclable.


4. Mix ‘n’ Match

Mixing colors is a trend that can also be given a lasting touch. In addition, it is peps!

Raf Simons

5. Utility wear

Do-it-yourselfers are well aware of the advantages of utility clothing: with enough large pockets, you are prepared for any eventuality while remaining cool.

Saman Amel

6. Black and white

If you are told that, in life, nothing is ever quite black or quite white, show these creations and answer: “OK, nothing beats black AND white!”

Gabriela Hearst

7. We want short!

Teleworking also means dressing more freely: if you want to wear shorts while working, who will see it?

Shorts and shirt, Paul Smith

Paul smith

8. Knitwear

If there is one trend that spins good cotton, it’s the knit polo shirt, casual but chic, soft and comfortable.

Loro Piana

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