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Freedom of movement: digital vaccination card: planned in Austria from April

In addition to vaccinations, the results of approved PCR and rapid tests as well as corona infections that have already been overcome are to be documented. The “digital green certificate” will enable freedom of movement.

12:08 p.m., March 17, 2021


Today the EU Commission presented a proposal for a regulation for the Green Passport.

Austria will create the legal basis for implementation in the next few days. On the basis of these principles, operational implementation can begin as early as April.

As required by Austria, the “Green Pass” will contain the following information:

1. Vaccination certificate

2. Test certificate (PCR or rapid antigen test)

3. Certificate of recovery (to be issued at the earliest from the 20th day after the first positive PCR test result)

Europe-wide only in June?

Of the digital European vaccination card should according to the will of the EU Commission ready by June 1st be. It could thus enable travel during the summer vacation.

This said the EU Commission Vice President Margaritis Schinas of the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” before the official presentation of the project on Wednesday in Brussels. “Evidence should be usable by the beginning of summer, and summer will start on June 1st.”

Like “Green Passport” for vaccinated people in Israel

The commission names the project “Digital Green Proof” – based on the “Green Passport” for vaccinated people in Israel. Not only vaccinations should be documented, but also the results of approved PCR and rapid tests as well as survived corona infections. “We’re getting our European way of life back,” said Schinas. But this should be done in a safe way.

Justice Commissioner Didier Reynders stressed in conversation with the “Politico” portal, Freedom of movement is one of the central rights of citizens in the European Union. “The” Digital Green Certificate “will enable freedom of movement and mitigate the consequences of the restrictions imposed by the member states.” Since vaccination, testing and immunization should be included, the approach is not discriminatory.

We are taking back our European way of life.

EU Commission Vice-President Margaritis Schinas

Skepticism and a lot of ambiguity

However, there is still no consensus in the EU states which doors the proof should open. Austria and other holiday countries are urging Travel facilitation to associate with such a document. Germany, on the other hand, has spoken out against making it easier for people who have been vaccinated as long as few people have a chance of receiving the protective vaccination.

According to diplomats, some EU states are skeptical, including against the Commission’s approach to adopting a legal framework at EU level – partly because this could take a long time. Schinas said: “If we do not introduce this together, with a legally binding instrument and interoperable, the private sector will develop solutions and impose them on us.”

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