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Fun Activities All Kids Will Enjoy

Children love to run, play, discover and learn. Every part of them is growing and developing throughout their formative years to help them become the young adults who will eventually be the future of the world. When a child is diagnosed with autism, many parents feel that they have to constantly provide them with a job that helps them grow and develop and overcome the challenges of autism.

Are these activities therapeutic? Yes, many activities are therapeutic in nature. In fact, as long as a child uses his body or mind for something, he is improving his skills and learning. When you have a younger child who is below preschool age, you can enjoy the fun of simpler activities for fun and still get therapy-like benefit. Here are some great activities for these younger kids:

• Bean box – Using a plastic tub or box, fill it with dry beans and place small toys inside for your child to find. This can be a lot of fun as they discover a new item that feels a little different in the box.

• Scented bubbles: who doesn’t like bubbles? Everyone can have fun and if the bubbles have a scent, it can be a unique discovery for children to feel and smell the bubbles when they burst on their faces for the first time.

• Finger Painting – Getting dirty is also a lot of fun and this is a great way to do it. If you put drop cloths on the floor, you can have a lot of fun creating wild designs together.

• Songs and poems: Most children respond to music in a positive and optimistic way. There are songs to help teach children how to dress or how to eat and children can even find their own favorite silly song that they love to sing to them. Sing and have fun together.

For children who are a little older, the games get a little more complex and advanced, but they don’t have to be any less fun. Some excellent suggestions for you to play with your children are:

• I see, I see: This is a guessing game that can be wonderful and generate lots of laughs.

• Guessing game: putting an object in the child’s hand and letting him guess what it is can be fun.

• Draw my face: using a large circle on the paper, you can have a child draw the face you make. Don’t take it too long, you might get stuck, but let them have fun creating a goofy face of yours.

• Dance Party: This gives children a chance to get up and move and have a wonderful time dancing and playing music.

If you need more suggestions for activities for children with autism, you can come visit us at WRTS in Fenton, MO, we can show you many fun games.

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