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Fun Things to Do in the Bahamas: Top 4 Bahamian Destinations

Tip #1: Jeep Safari Tours in the Bahamas

To truly experience the Bahamas, you must take the Bahamas Jeep Safari Tour. This tour will show you all the hidden nooks and crannies on Grand Bahama Island in an open-top jeep. Your experienced guide will take you to museums, beaches, historic sites, and breathtaking views. The entire trip will take about five hours and the cost is usually less than $100.

Tip #2: Sunset Jet Ski Rental

There are a number of beaches that offer jet ski rentals, and any one with views of the sunset will be ideal. It’s hard to explain the beauty that comes from being out on the untamed ocean watching the sun go down. Picturesque beaches and rocky outcroppings make the Bahamas one of the most incredible places to see in the Caribbean. Renting a jet ski or jet ski usually costs around $50 for half an hour, and this price is usually negotiable.

Tip #3: Swim with dolphins

No other experience comes close to matching the thrill of swimming and playing with the dolphins. Blue Island Lagoon in Nassau offers visitors the unique opportunity to swim directly alongside two well-trained dolphins. The best part of the entire encounter is when the dolphins put their noses on the bottoms of your feet and push as fast as they can swim, allowing you to surf under their propulsion. This adventure will normally cost around $200, but it is worth every penny.

Tip #4: Spend a day at Treasure Cay Beach

Treasure Cay Beach is consistently ranked as one of the best beaches in the Caribbean. If you want fun things to do in the Bahamas, maybe just kick back. Nowhere is it easier than at Treasure Cay on Abaco Island. The relaxed atmosphere will ease all your tensions and pains, allowing you to simply rest in peace without the shouting of tourists or vendors. The whole island is quite small, so you can easily explore the whole place in one day in a golf cart.

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