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Gadget addiction: how to fight the new threat!

At Gurukul The School, under the leadership of the educator, Mr. Gaurav Bedi, we are committed to creating a healthy environment around children, which will allow them to learn creatively and develop holistically. As children are connected to a variety of devices like TVs, tablets, social media, video games, and smartphones, etc., this can surely be termed ‘The Device Addiction’.

The adverse effects of overexposure to devices

• Gadget addiction leads to a sedentary lifestyle, which has its own adverse effects. Research shows that children who spend an average of 4 hours a day watching television or other devices are more likely to be overweight. Therefore, obesity is rapidly emerging as one of the main concerns of young people.

• Overexposure to flashy screens, loud volumes, loud colors, and action can cause irritability, restlessness, and frustration in young minds. This excessive stimulation affects your vision, concentration, and social behavior. They can even adopt a violent. unpredictable behavior in the future.

• With the increased comfort in building relationships online, there is a growing level of social disconnection among children, particularly adolescents, which inhibits the development of their social skills. Their screen addiction leaves them with fewer personal interactions and less empathy.

• Reduced analytical and creative thinking is the result of overreliance on technology. It limits your knowledge and learning skills. Remember how easy calculator access on mobile has affected your basic math skills.

‘The Gadget Detox’

We recommend that you create ‘The Gadget Detox’ calendar in your family time. Strike up a family conversation with your kids about what this detox is all about. This will have a positive impact on health and family unity. It will also be an opportunity for you to walk the talk as a role model for your children. Here are some exciting ways to go for ‘The Gadget Detox’.

• Discover fun activities: limit the time for television, social networks, etc. not just for your children but for everyone in the family. You can create a time slot to play outside or get along with indoor games like Ludo, Pen Hide and Seek, etc. Together you can create a playlist with your children.

• Hobby time: As we get older, we become so busy with daily tasks that there is almost no time to work on our passion and hobbies. Create hobbies that are of interest to your children and partner with them. You can also ask your kids to create fun quizzes about these hobbies.

• Exploring the World of Reading – Reading is different from studying. It is also different from watching videos or television for recreation. Reading harnesses analytical and creative thinking, which stimulates the development of the right brain. Simultaneously grab a book for yourself and show a competitive spirit. They can start reading with their favorite book and slowly move on to other genres.

• Eating together: Being together without the interruptions of TV and cell phones is a great way to eat healthy, digest well and build family bonds. You will be able to have day-to-day conversations with your children without reacting or giving instructions during mealtime.

We at Gurukul The School, recognized as one of the best schools in Ghaziabad, strictly follow the five core values: Respect, Honesty, Compassion, Fairness and Responsibility (represented by the acronym RHCFR) to instill ‘Character Education’ as a inseparable part of their education and general development. In addressing ‘The Gadget Addiction’, we are not opposed to technology; rather we are here to propose that its use should be balanced and responsible. This helps ensure their physical and mental well-being while guiding them toward practicing constructive use of devices to enhance learning and development.

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