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Goodbye in Spanish – Does body language make a difference?

When learning to say goodbye in a language, many cultures also use body language and gestures to get their point across. Even when speaking English, many of us wave our hands to help make our point of view clear, but does body language make a difference when saying goodbye in Spanish?

The answer is that it depends on the way you say goodbye in Spanish. For example, if you are saying goodbye to a friend or family member, waving is absolutely appropriate to get the point across and let your friends and family know that you will miss them. Greeting your boss or superior would not be appropriate when saying goodbye in Spanish, but a simple handshake would be appropriate and would show professionally that you care and look forward to seeing them again.

The most important thing that determines body language when speaking in Spanish are the formal and informal tenses of the language. When learning Spanish, pay special attention to these tenses and how they are used correctly so that you know what kind of body language to use when saying hello and goodbye in Spanish. When you have mastered the tenses, you will find that you will offend fewer people and that the people you talk to will be much more willing to help you as you speak and will listen more carefully. Watching movies or shows in Spanish will help you understand and grasp the different body languages ​​used to say hello and goodbye correctly.

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