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History of Memorial Day in the United States, a patriotic gift

In the spring of 1866, the United States was recovering from a long and bloody Civil War. The surviving soldiers returned home, all with stories to tell about what they saw, heard and experienced firsthand.

Pharmacy owner Henry Welles in Waterloo, New York, heard many of these stories and was deeply moved by them. He, in turn, went to the other store owners in town and convinced them that they should close for a day in May to honor the soldiers who died in the Civil War and to honor the Civil War patriots who They were buried at Waterloo. graveyard.

On May 5, 1866, the merchants did not open their shops, and the townspeople gathered and placed flowers, wreaths, and crosses on the graves of Northern soldiers in their cemetery.

At the same time, Maj. Gen. Jonathan A. Logan (Ret.), a very patriotic man, planned to hold a ceremony for the soldiers who survived the Civil War. He led the veterans through the center of town to the cemetery to decorate the graves of his comrades with flags.

Thereafter, every May 30, the townspeople of Waterloo would walk to the cemeteries and hold memorial services. They would decorate the graves with flags and flowers. They would then walk back to Waterloo Park in the center of town and meet in the middle of the park near a monument dedicated solely to soldiers, sailors, and marines. After that, the Gettysburg Address was read, followed by Retired Maj. Gen. Logan (Order No. 11) designating May 30 as Decoration Day. After the announcement, the village choirs sang patriotic songs. Later that night, the children of the school would participate in a parade in honor of these patriots.

One hundred years later, in 1966, President Lyndon B. Johnson proclaimed Waterloo the birthplace of Memorial Day, and in 1971 President Richard M. Nixon declared Memorial Day a federal holiday to be observed on the last Monday. May thereafter.

Memorial Day is not limited to honoring American patriots who served or gave their lives in times of war in our armed forces. It is also a day to remember our family and friends we know personally who have served or died in the name of our freedom, if only with a silent reflection of homage on our part. Some visit cemeteries and say a prayer, place flags or flowers on the graves.

Many public events are held each year to honor our patriots through parades, celebrations, religious services, television movies, and news commentary to reflect and honor these heroes. We truly must never forget the high price these service veterans paid for each of our freedoms that we enjoy on a daily basis. Memorial Day is a proper patriotic way to honor our veterans, and it shouldn’t be just another three-day weekend before the start of summer.

On Memorial Day, I personally pray to our Heavenly Father to bless and protect our patriots who are currently in danger, and to bless the patriots who have died or suffered in the name of the freedom of our great country, the United States. United of America.

I also ask the Lord to continue to bless our country, and protect it against the evil of those who would like to take away the freedoms in this great land of the United States of America.

I hope reading this article encourages you to show your patriotism this Memorial Day too!

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