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How Certified Translation Services Help Your Business Grow in European Countries

Globalization has opened the doors to international markets and today India is not only the fastest growing market globally, it is also a strategic partner of the European Union which is committed to increasing bilateral trade and investing in the Free Trade Agreement negotiations that began in 2007. Furthermore, the European Union is India’s number one trading partner today. The value of EU exports to India has increased to approximately € 38 billion, while imports are around € 40 billion.

Multilingual Europe

Europe is a continent of many countries, each with its own language and multicultural societies. The European Union itself has 29 member states with 24 recognized languages. But it is widely accepted that English, French and German are the most widely used general and procedural languages. This highlights the need for an excellent and expert translation service that can seamlessly transfer business requirements and brand equity.

Global translation services

Did you know that almost two lakh of pages were translated between English and European languages ​​last year? This calls for an expert global translation service that not only knows the language, but possesses the skills to move your business forward. A certified translation service is the need of the moment.


The e-commerce market is the fastest growing market and requires efficient handling of all written material. It is imperative to locate the relevant website and make it functional for the particular market. Developing brand equity requires experts who can modify and adapt content while keeping the identity, ideology and integrity of the product intact when introducing it to a new market. This requires the services of a first-rate certified translation service.

Is online translation the answer?

As businesses and businesses are going multilingual, relocating or expanding to countries that speak different languages, the easiest option seems to be online machine translation. More than half a billion people use online translation every day, but does it work efficiently?

Risks of online translation: There are several problems that arise when relying solely on online translations.

The issue of literal translation: The translation options on popular websites work on the methodology of word-for-word translation by throwing out the literal interpretation of the meaning, creating a document that may be readable but certainly not useful. Keep in mind that many words and phrases are not translated efficiently and you need an expert who can understand, apply the required syntax, and then communicate the original document correctly in the target language.

Grammatical deficiencies: Not all languages ​​work with the English noun-verb agreement system. For the text to make sense, the sentence must be correct and have the correct flow and style, which must appear natural in the target language. If the words are mixed, it can have an adverse impact on the potential customer or business partner, so use a global translation service to have satisfied customers.

Commercial terms: machines are not configured to provide a valid translation to technical terms. The terminology for the legal, marketing, engineering and technology sectors is accurate for both the source country and the target language. It is imperative to use a certified translation service that has experts who can understand the nuances of the terms and perform the correct translations of your business documents.

As the global market expands and the Internet gives businesses the impetus to reach every corner of the world, certified translation services have become a necessity for effective communication in all geographies.

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