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How did Michael Jordan become the greatest basketball player of all time?

Michael Jordan was not only the greatest basketball player, he was also considered an American icon in different ways. Jordan was one of the leading figures in basketball from the mid-1980s to the late 1990s, and remained one of the most prominent sports figures until now. But the path his “airiness” took was never easy.

We have all experienced disappointment and rejection, Michael Jordan was no different. Jordan tried out for the high school basketball team but was turned down because he was deemed too short to play at the college level. But Jordan did not retract the dreams of him. He joined the junior varsity team where he showed off his basketball skills. He eventually moved to another level during his junior and senior years of high school.

Early in his life, Jordan showed his tenacity to be the best basketball player he could be. This was the first lesson that Jordan taught us, how to bounce back from failure and rejection. There are other college and pro games that tested his resolve, but he kept pushing until he was able to engrave his name in athletic history magazines.

Jordan’s recipe for becoming the best basketball player was actually simple, essential lessons both inside and outside the world of sports.

• Responsibility. Jordan took responsibility for his actions, both on and off the basketball court. This is obvious in one of his popular quotes, “some people just want things to happen, some people expect it to happen, while the rest make it happen.”

• Take risks. Jordan is not only known as the best basketball player, but he was also a well-known figure in different fields. He is also known as an Olympic athlete, actor, and businessman. Jordan would never have excelled on this field if he hadn’t risked playing in his comfort zone.

• Commitment and dedication. Jordan was an epitome of hard work and practice.

• Enjoy the game. The reason there are successful people in their chosen craft is because they love what they do.

• Modesty. Star players or athletes often forgot their humble beginnings and sometimes displayed an air of arrogance.

• Goal setting. Goals motivate both adults and children, so setting achievable or achievable goals is essential.

• Enjoy the moment. Jordan believed in doing things that he can now do. Opportunities should never be postponed, rather they are seized with both hands.

Surprisingly, what we thought were just shows in Jordan’s life were important life skills/lessons that we tend to forget or underestimate. Michael Jordan’s recipe for success wasn’t really a secret, rather it was a mixture of determination, hard work and passion.

Of course, Jordan has abilities that we may never possess. We may never be able to do the same vertical jump or the same speed, but when we’re doing something we’re good at or something we love or are passionate about, then we can certainly be the next best thing.

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