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How does an HHO converter work? Learn how to run your car on water!

With gas prices going up and down like clockwork, it won’t be long before we’re paying more than $ 4 or more per gallon again. Don’t you miss the old days when a gallon of gas cost less than a dollar? Well, those days are long gone, my friend, and I don’t think they’ll ever come back. But fear not, today is your lucky day. It is time to stop relying on oil and start looking for an alternative fuel source. That’s where the HHO converter comes in. While it won’t completely eliminate our dependence on gas, it is definitely a step on the right track.

So what is HHO converter you ask? Well it’s actually quite a simple system that will generate a mixture of hydrogen, oxygen, and mixed gas that is created through a process called electrolysis. The HHO converter breaks down the molecules in the water creating a hydrogen gas mixture that you can use to power your vehicle. The best thing about this blend is that it has the ability to produce more energy than gasoline alone.

The mixture that the HHO converter produces will essentially improve the overall horsepower your car gets with each revolution without continually using more gasoline. And because of this, you will have the ability to travel much further using much less gas, which is an incredible feat! In fact, I installed the HHO converter (on my own) in my 2002 Honda Accord V6 a couple of months ago and I have to say, it is absolutely amazing. All I have to do is add some water to it and cut the price of gas in half!

Now you may be thinking to yourself this sounds great and all, but how much is this HHO converter going to cost me to implement? Well, much less than you think. This system is so affordable that it will likely offset the cost of your gas savings in as little as 2 weeks of using it! And after those few weeks are up and you’ve breakeven, you’ll be smiling on the inside knowing you’re no longer one of those people who throws your hard-earned cash at the gas station every time your car needs a boost. There is absolutely nothing to lose by trying the HHO conversion system, and lots of money to save!

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