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How much do you know about bulk SMS?

How much do you know about bulk SMS?
Today almost everyone knows what bulk SMS is. However, in case you want to know more details about it, this article will explain and introduce you to the concept.

What is?
SMS used to be a one-to-one interaction, but with bulk SMS messaging you can send to multiple numbers/multiple destinations at once with just one mouse click.

For whom?
It is designed for organizations such as businesses, media companies, NGOs, consumer brands, educational institutions, or even for personal use.

What is the purpose of this?
Mobile Marketing will be the best word to describe bulk SMS. Companies use it to improve marketing strategies by notifying customers about new products and services and also to inform them about promotions that are available at that particular time. For educational institutions, most used it to provide information to sample students to inform them of the date of registration of the university.

Other advantages for Massive SMS
• To increase the level of confidence of customers when buying your products or services and also to build trust between customers and the company.
• Mark SMS. Send SMS to your customers about your company and your services/products. Make them remember your brand and know what your company does.
• Promotional campaign. Give birthday coupons to your customers at the same time take this opportunity to wish them their birthday.

Having trouble getting marked as spam when you send your ads to your potential customers? No more worries because with Bulk SMS, you are free from spam. The chances of your text ads being seen will be higher compared to email marketing strategy and no spam filters when using SMS.

Bulk SMS messaging is much cheaper compared to other traditional advertising methods. Traditional advertising will take more effort to choose the right location to place your billboard, where to print your ads, where to distribute flyers, or will my flyers catch customers’ attention? All you need to have are powerful text ads that are delivered to the right customers.

Bulk SMS is a way to achieve successful advertising in one click. You can send to over 1,000 customers at a time, but to make sure the message reaches them, you need to specify your target group, target location, and text ads, and mobile service providers will do the distribution for you.

People today are busy and not everyone has time to read long messages, especially email. For Mobile Marketing, you’ll only use 150-160 character limits to grab people’s attention. Be direct about what you can offer your customers and summarize your product descriptions, don’t make it long because it will easily bore people.

Advantages and disadvantages of mobile marketing: bulk SMS
Business SMS is one of the best methods to expand business and also to connect with customers. However, everything positive must have a negative side, so it is important for a business person to understand what are the pros and cons of bulk SMS and also how to solve the problems.

The professionals
• Better customer responses
Mobile marketing will be a very good way to alert your customers to take a certain action. For example, if you create a business page for your brand on Facebook, you can let all your customers know via SMS, once they see it, they will notice and search for your brand.

And remember, not all of your customers are internet savvy, so when they’re notified about your brand through their phones, the chance of them learning about your brand is high compared to emails or social media.

• Messages will be delivered/viewed/read
Of course, there is a high chance that your messages will be read by customers because people today will be holding their phones almost 24 hours a day. Emails, newspapers, brochures, letters, social media notifications will probably be ignored, but not SMS messages. Bulk SMS will make sure to reach your customers effectively.

• Easy to send
With one click, all your text ad messages will be delivered to your customers.

The cons
• Animations/images are not allowed
Even though SMS will use only text to send the messages, there are no images or animated effects involved, but I don’t think it’s a big deal. Words can be powerful too, especially if you have strong text ads.

• Maximum limit of 160 characters
Generally, the maximum limit for an SMS is 160 characters. Although the messages will be limited, you can still promote your products. Just make sure the text ads are creative and powerful.

Don’t worry too much about the disadvantages because Bulk SMS has more advantages that you may discover soon.

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