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How Social Media Marketing Can Boost Your SEO Efforts

Social media has the potential to generate dramatic improvements in your SEO efforts. However, it is important to understand how activities on social channels can impact your ranking. Search engines use links shared on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. as a rating signal. One important thing to consider at this point is that social media is not a direct ranking factor.

More and more people carry out their daily communication on the Internet, especially on social networks, which are an excellent way to share and obtain information. People love consuming interesting content on social media. If you create amazing content and share it on relevant social platforms, it is likely to become popular. As a result, your rankings will experience a boost. Below are 3 ways social media can help you with your SEO efforts:

1. Generate links

First, you need to create and publish engaging, shareable content on platforms relevant to your industry. The more shares you generate on social media, the more likely people are to see your content and link to it. A few years ago, marketers took it for granted that Facebook shares were a great ranking signal, and therefore placed considerable emphasis on driving more and more shares. It wasn’t really the number of shares that search engines took as an indirect ranking factor, but the links that Facebook shares can generate. Which means that you need to focus on creating high-quality content and sharing it on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. to get links from other websites.

2. Build presence

In today’s competitive environment, it is critical not only to produce great products, but also to market them effectively. As a business manager, you must stay proactive and reach your audience anywhere in the world. You can’t find a better place than Facebook where you can have the opportunity to connect with 2 billion active users. Build your audience through social media marketing and earn customer trust. Social media helps you promote your brand and present it to potential customers who might not have found you otherwise. Once you get a higher share of Google clicks from a rapidly growing audience, you will rank higher.

3. make good use of YouTube

We know that YouTube is the second most searched search engine, where people can find a lot of amazing content and solutions to their problems. If used correctly, YouTube marketing can have a positive impact on your SEO performance. If you create engaging content to promote your brand, you can generate more links, like Facebook. Videos can be organically ranked in search. The best technique is to create how-to videos that can help your audience solve problems.

Google+ is also a very useful platform where posts are ranked almost instantly. People who log into Google+ receive personalized results from Google.

To make a real difference to your current SERP ranking, you need to create a solid social media marketing strategy while focusing on creating great content.

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