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How to find a good Indian restaurant

Indian food includes different cuisines from India and its neighboring places. They use different spices, herbs, vegetables and fruits to create unique dishes. Many popular Indian restaurants today are first generation or family owned establishments. When you’re new to this kitchen, it’s important to know what kind of food to order. Here are some reminders about what to buy at an Indian restaurant:

know what to eat

Indian food has different spices, sauces, and marinated meats and vegetables. His influence came from different countries, such as China, Persia, Portugal and England. The Indian religion, which is Buddhism, also affects the choice of food, so most of them prefer to eat vegetables than meat.

– Appetizers: Most of the Indian appetizers are fried cakes with creamy soups and raw vegetable salads. It is often served with sauces, such as chutney or yogurt, to balance out the spiciness. The most famous appetizer is samosa, a fried dough with mixed vegetables, meat, and spices inside a dough. Another popular cake is a pakora, which is similar to a samosa. The only difference is that people fry it without putting the ingredients inside the dough.

– Drinks: Indian drinks are sweet to complement the spicy flavor of your food. Most people prefer to order a lassi, a sweet yogurt-based smoothie. A sweet drink, such as panakam, with water, sugar, ginger, and lime juice is also a favorite among foodies. If you are looking for alcoholic beverages, you can order an India Pale Ales or an IPA.

– Main Courses – There are restaurants that offer a completely vegetarian meal for people who do not eat meat. There are cases in which the cooks convert their meat dishes with a vegetable alternative to the customer’s taste. The best main dish to order is a curry. It is made of meat or vegetables soaked in a yogurt- or coconut-based marinade. When you go to an Indian restaurant, most dishes consist of lamb, chicken, rice, or spinach.

– Desserts: Indians love sugar and milk based desserts with fresh fruits. Most restaurants sweeten their desserts and ice creams with fruit, such as pomegranates, mangoes, and bananas. A popular pudding is kheer, which is a rice pudding with raisins, cardamom, and cinnamon.

Spicy and gravy food options

People who love spicy foods go to Indian restaurants because they have different levels of heat from mild to very hot. Never go for the spicier dishes if you’re just starting out. You will most likely give up food and waste your money after eating a bite. Stick to bland foods and order a spicier dish when you think you can handle it.

There is a general rule in Indian cooking where you order a dish with a lot of sauce with other, drier food. The sauce gives a better flavor to the rice dishes. You can also order a Chapati, Paratha and Naan to balance out the drier dishes.

The rich flavors, spices, and creamy sauces of Indian cuisine are becoming popular with people all over the world. Those who love vegetables, sugar- and milk-based foods, and spicy dishes frequently visit restaurants. When you are looking for a delicious dish, an Indian restaurant is the best option.

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