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How To Have Unlimited Stamina In Bed: Mastering Male Sexual Stamina Strategies

It really can be a horrible feeling when you have an orgasm before your partner. A lot of times, relationships fall apart because men just can’t satisfy their woman. The problem is usually a man’s lack of understanding of the female orgasm.

Many men can last about fifteen minutes at most during sex, and frankly, that’s not enough if you want to give a girl an orgasm. Since women take longer to arrive, they need someone who can last. While some women will make their men feel better by saying it doesn’t matter, you should also consider the possibility that he’s just faking it so you don’t have to feel bad.

Fortunately, there are three simple things you can do to increase your stamina and last for hours. Follow these tips and you won’t risk losing your girl to a guy who can keep her for a long time. Here are some things you can do to last hours in the bag…

How To Have Unlimited Stamina In Bed: Mastering Male Sexual Stamina Strategies

Strategy #1. “Change often.” Every time you feel yourself getting closer to orgasm, change your position. If you can master the ability to stop even when sex feels amazing, then you can delay your orgasm until she comes. Try to make changing positions feel natural and not uncomfortable, so that your pleasure continues to increase even as you try to contain yours.

Strategy #2. “Get off before you leave.” When you’re out with a girl and you’re pretty sure there’s going to be some sex afterwards, it pays to masturbate before you go out. This helps limit the risk of premature ejaculation. By getting it out of your system early in the evening, you can help yourself last longer in the sack.

Strategy #3. “Limit Sensation”. Certain condoms can actually reduce the feeling of sex. Generally, the thicker the condom, the better it will be for this use. Why take risks? While you may be able to escape just by controlling your breathing to contain your climax, you’re only kidding yourself if you think that will work every time. If you have no luck finding thick condoms, you can double wrap them using two condoms.

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