How to know if a man is interested in you
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How to know if a man is interested in you

While it’s true that men are capable of having sex without actually being interested in bonding, doesn’t that mean they’re not capable of genuine interest in a woman? Or the men would not marry and live with that special woman.

So, if you’ve ever been with a man who has fidelity issues and he says, “That didn’t make sense,” chances are he’s telling the truth! The problem is if he is also telling the other woman the same story even though he has been married to you forever and has children with you. Oh.

Seriously though, it’s pretty easy to tell if a man is interested in you:

o He is making eye contact with you

or He smiles at you

o He introduces himself to you

o He asks for your phone number and calls you

or asks you out

o Asks you questions about your life and listens to the answers.

o He wants to help you, in any way, maybe fix your computer or mow the lawn.

or tells you his life

o He invites you to meet his family

o Talk about your ambitions

o Treats you like a special person

o Calls you on the phone just to ask how you are

o He tells you that he tried one of your suggestions, perhaps as a health tip.

o Offers to feed your cat if you need to go out of town on business or visit family far away.

o Calls you when you’re out of town to tell you how your cat is doing.

o Laughs at your jokes.

o Looks you in the eye and compliments you.

o He brings you your favorite fruits and flowers.

o It always smells good.

o Go shopping with you and have fun.

o Also search for your favorite shows on TV when you search for your shows.

o He tells you that he loves you.

Those are all clues that will let you know that he is interested in you.

Men chase women, even today. Flirting and being hard to get will go a long way. Don’t confuse hard to get with ignoring him and not responding to his advances. No no.

Acknowledge his presence and show him that you are interested. If she asks for your number, give it to her with a big smile on your face. You don’t need to ask for his number. That way you won’t be tempted to call him if he doesn’t keep his word. As he told you before, if he calls you it is a sure sign that he is interested.

Don’t make the mistake of getting serious with him either. Just have fun and relax to keep his interest. Many women make the mistake of falling for him just because he has shown interest. You don’t want to turn it off just when he’s getting aroused.

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