How to open a stuck perfume bottle
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How to open a stuck perfume bottle

An expensive or vintage perfume may come with an elegant glass bottle and stopper. But the glass stopper can get stuck and difficult to remove if the perfume has not been used for a while. The plug can stay in place for various reasons. This may be related to the expansion of the cap or the formation of a glue-like seal between the neck of the bottle and the cap. You can avoid these problems by lifting the stopper from time to time and making sure to wipe off any excess perfume.

Here are several non-destructive methods to handle stuck plugs:

Modern Splash Bottle

If you have a modern water bottle with a stopper or lid, it often helps to use a towel, rubber band, or similar item to help get a better grip. This can increase your strength and make it easier to twist or pull the bumper. If that doesn’t loosen the stopper, hold the perfume bottle under a hot tap of water for 30 to 60 seconds. The change in temperature should help create convulsions and make it easier to turn the lid.

Another option is to place the perfume bottle in the refrigerator and let it chill for 15-25 minutes. This again relies on the temperature difference to help loosen the cap. Another method includes the use of the microwave oven. Put a damp kitchen towel in the microwave and heat it for 5 seconds. Wrap that around the plug and leave it in place for a couple of seconds. Now gently twist to open the bottle.

vintage bottle

With a vintage bottle you have to be more careful. A precious or valuable perfume bottle should not be exposed to water or cold, as this can stain the original paper label or damage the brittle glass. A preferred option for solving problems with old capped splash bottles is to use pure grade alcohol (90 percent plus proof). Soak a piece of cotton and place it on the neck of the stopper. Squeeze the cotton to release a drop or two of alcohol. The alcohol should begin to dissolve the residue buildup within 4-5 minutes. The tornado should now be easy to remove.

Using the proper methods, it is certainly possible to remove the stuck stopper without causing any damage to the bottle. Always make sure to avoid excessive pulling or twisting of the cap as this can easily cause permanent damage to the bottle.

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