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How to start your own pond building business

You can start your own business, be your own boss, and work your own hours when you build and maintain water ponds and garden ponds for yourself. You can start by building small ponds and work your way up to larger, fancier ponds. You can buy small water ponds at some home improvement stores, and you should be able to find enough accessories to start your own pond business.

You can also go all out, later on, buy having your own tractor to dig the ponds. You can rent tractors and bobcats to dig large ponds. For extra large ponds, you may even need a crane. But most average-sized ponds can be made by hand, with a shovel, or with several people digging at once. You can buy pond liners and materials from local vendors, you can find them in the phone book or on the Internet. You can choose various rock patterns to form your pond. As with any pond, your imagination is the only thing stopping you from building a beautiful pond.

The pond business can be an art form, as no two artists view pond construction the same way, you really don’t want to build your client a square pond with no frills. You want to think about it and create a work of art for your client, and this is how you should think about it. People love ponds with lily pads, gold fish, water fountains, etc. You can make a lot of money putting nice ponds.

You should take a picture of every pond job you complete so you have a nice portfolio to show potential new clients. You need to create flyers and hand them out to landscaping suppliers, home and garden supply stores, hardware stores, nurseries, food supplies, and more. You can offer them a commission, or lump sum payment, for any pond jobs they send you, and you do. You should have nice signs on the side of your vehicle that say you build ponds. You can take some digital photos of some of their finished work later and print them in color and turn them into magnetic signs, to put on your vehicle as a sales pitch as well, and a picture is worth a thousand words, they always say. .

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