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How to text a girl after she gives you her number

There is an art to texting girls. Many guys who get a girl’s phone number for the first time won’t know what to do, how to start a conversation, call or text. When this happens, the guy tends to text because it’s easier, and this is where it fails. When the girl doesn’t respond, they begin to consider the possibilities, did they not like her appearance or another reason for her? However, it’s often the little details that matter the most, like the text message.

What are the reasons for texting anyway?

1. Men try to start some kind of connection between themselves and a girl.

2. Men try to stay in touch with their girl when they’re not around.

3. Men use text messages as a method to improve a relationship, so flirting is more comfortable.

Before we start talking about texting, let’s first go over some mistakes men make when texting girls that can seriously affect a relationship.

1. Sending a meaningless message that doesn’t make sense. For example, “How are you doing?” or “What’s up?” These are very generic messages you probably get every day from other guys who are trying to get laid. What makes your text stand out?

2. Avoid texting every hour as this will prevent the girl from expecting you to text her as she will be expecting another text shortly. If your actions are predictable, then you lose the intrigue within the actions you take.

3. The last serious mistake that is frequently made is trying to have a conversation using text messages instead of talking. Messaging was not intended as a way to get to know each other, nor is it ideal.

Every time you text your girl, you should send her something that intrigues her. Making it fun and flirty will help keep her interested. However, always remember to be moderate, you must not reveal so much that you lose your intriguing appeal with her.

Keep in mind that a woman wants a man she can love and enjoys being around. If the first impression was a boring text, which maybe he even forgot to reply to, then you need to change things.

1. Your text message must be of value. You must create interesting messages, that the girl does not have to respond, but that she still wants to. You may ask, how do I do that? Try something like “I’m at work and thought of you out of the blue so I wanted to say hi.” This creates a desire for her to respond to you because you are thinking about her, even while you are working. You’ve probably been thinking about her all day, but you don’t want her to know. You want her to believe that you haven’t been thinking about her at all.

2. Keep your posts short. If your messages are long, you become predictable again. You want your messages to be like a movie trailer, short and to the point. This creates interest and impatience.

3. Have you ever been waiting for a girl’s response, maybe for a few hours? The reality is that many other men probably did. Why? Her texts are probably predictable if she usually replies within minutes. You want your answers to be like a roller coaster ride, some short turns, some long ones. Instead of responding right away, try waiting half an hour. Other times, try waiting an hour or two, or a whole day, it keeps her wondering.

Again, remember that you don’t want to answer every question a girl asks you, you want to be flirty and unpredictable. Save the sweeter parts of your conversations for when you’re face to face.

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