How to Wreck Any Woman – Guaranteed
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How to Wreck Any Woman – Guaranteed

The main difference between casually talking to women and increasing attraction through flirting is this: the former will not generate such a strong attraction that you will be on their mind in the long run.

Flirting is a skill that most men overlook. They think that as long as women talk to them, they are fine. I’m telling you, small talk won’t get you anywhere if you don’t use it to flirt with her. Every second a woman talks to you counts. You may not get the same chance to talk to her again.

Here are three ways to “wow” her with your flirting skills…

1. “Make every story a mystery”. If you tell your whole story in one sentence, your girl won’t be curious. Storytelling done right will make her heart pound and her brain fill with questions.

The secret to good storytellers is that they know when to dish out the good stuff and when to hide key plot elements to keep the audience begging for more.

2. “Provide a bait.” You know she already likes you a little if she’s still talking to you, but there’s no way the attention will last if you don’t pull her into liking you more. You have to provide a challenging bait that she can’t resist.

Tell her she’s boring you, just when she thinks you’re starting to fall for her. Popping her bubble once in a while will get you further than rambling on and on about yourself. Make her work to get your attention by telling her that she’s not good enough.

3. The secret method of hypnotizing women by fractionation. This technique was part of hypnosis before it was applied in the field of seduction. This has been used by seduction experts to make girls their love slaves. Fractionation is easy to learn, but you need to know how to implement it correctly to make it work.

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