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Improve Your Overall Performance On The Dance Floor With These 3 Dance Workouts

If you’re a cheerleader dancer, taking the time to do some dance workouts at the gym will be a great way to improve your performance and help you be the best you can be.

Many dancers avoid all weight lifting activities because they think it will make them big and bulky, when in fact that is not the case.

Instead, dance workouts can help you get really strong, while increasing your leanness and muscle tone, allowing you to quickly burn fat and maintain a firmer overall physique, which will only come in handy when it comes to cheerleading.

Let’s look at some of the best exercises to perform in your dance workouts.

Single leg split squats

The single leg split squat is a good exercise for the entire lower body and will add strength in the glutes that will help you propel yourself upward when doing any type of jump.

When performing this, think about propelling yourself through the gluteal muscle, as this is where you want your main power generation to come from. Lean back slightly as you exercise and think about pressing up through your heel.

That will ensure that you are aiming at the correct area.


Next, step-ups are also a great lower-body exercise. They will also hit the glutes, but will also target the quads to a greater extent, making sure to develop full lower body strength.

When performing step ups, hold a barbell across your back to add additional resistance to the movement. This will improve the overall amount of strength gains you get from him and at the same time improve his balance.


Mountain climbers are the next exercise to add to your list to complete in your dance workouts. These are great for enhancing anaerobic capacity and for improving whole-body strength, as many muscles are used when performing them.

When doing this, try to jump your legs towards the body as high as possible to really work your core as you do it. Then kick your legs back behind you to full extension so that you place the maximum amount of tension on your upper body as you do the movement.

Aim for sets of 20, doing 3 sets per dance workout.


Finally, push-ups are the last exercise you should do. These will target almost every muscle in your upper body very well, helping you build force without using external weight.

Try to perform full push-ups if you can, keeping your body in proper alignment at all times.

Add these exercises to your dance workouts and you will definitely be happy with the strength gains you receive.

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