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Infomercial Basics

Infomercials are longer, more informative commercials and are similar to a program that is intended to sway people to a particular point of view or asks them to take a certain action (such as buying a product).

What is an infomercial?

The word infomercial comes from the two words “information” and “commercial” and is usually a longer commercial made to look more like a talk show, but one that requires a specific and measurable response and persuades people to take a certain action or change your point of view. of view to follow the advertiser. Infomercials can be as long as a TV show (about half an hour).

The history of infomercials

Infomercials are really as old as the television industry itself, as the earliest shows were primarily marketing efforts. However, limits were eventually placed on this type of advertising, so the infomercial emerged around the 1970s and gained even more popularity after 1984.

Characteristics of infomercials

An infomercial may try to take on the look of a talk show or TV show, but it’s also easily recognizable by loud tones (“If you call within the next few hours, you’ll get it too,” “but wait!”, etc.). .) and usually uses scientific characters who try to prove that the product is the best or celebrities who will convince people that they need this product.

The advantages and disadvantages of infomercials

Infomercials attract attention and can be used to convey more information about your product that you would not normally be able to present in a short advertisement. The downside is that this advertising medium is often criticized and people may not believe the infomercial because of what previous infomercials have featured.

The infomercial is a longer advertisement, usually in the form of a television program, like a talk show, but that persuades people to take a certain specific and measurable action that benefits the advertiser. It also includes strong tone lines and uses celebrities and science figures to try to create a stronger advertising message.

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